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Buy chicken and get eggs with an open smart contract

Happy Farm
Total paid: 0 TRX

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Total egg: 0
Total sold: 0

Buy chicken

Total: 25 TRX

Enter the chicken amount:

2~2.5 TRX for the transaction
Min: 1 chickenchicken: 25 TRX

Sell egg

Total 100 TRX

Enter the egg amount:

2~2.5 TRX for the transaction
min: 1 EGG

Egg incubation

Enter the egg amount:

2~2.5 TRX for the transaction
Success: 10% ~ 20%min: 1 EGG


(referral rewards included)

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2 level (2%): 0  
3 level (1%): 0  
Total: 0  

How it works?

Happy farm is a decentralized investment platform powered by TRON smart contract technology. A smart contract guarantees 100 % safety and transparency of work. Accrual and payment of dividends occurs automatically. Happy farm is a great opportunity to multiply your assets in just a few days.

4 Actions

Will lead you to success

register your tron ​​wallet

To get started, you need to register a wallet that works with the TRON (TRX) cryptocurrency. We recommend using TronLink or TronWallet wallets to work with the Web site. In case you are using a smartphone, the TronWallet app will be the best solution!

Buy chicken or egg incubation

Smart contract happy farm generates egg based on the chicken amount every day and unlimited eggs income.

sell egg and get fund

Profit (dividends) is credited to your account immediately after selling an egg. You can withdraw dividends at any time..

profit from referrals

Earn additional income by referring new users. A three-level referral program allows you to earn 7 % + 2 % + 1 % of the investment amount of invited farmers.

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